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Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Fuji Electric Corp. of America has promoted these products:

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Fuji Electric’s NRF50 Electronic Dosimeter

Fuji Electric’s NRF50 Electronic Dosimeter takes worker safety to a whole new level, surpassing industry guidelines for real-time monitoring. Retro-fittable into existing systems, this device uses Wi-Fi or existing radio remote monitoring systems. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - FRENIC-Mini (C2) Inverter

The next generation FRENIC-Mini (C2) compact inverters offer customers additional features and improved functionality while maintaining the same size and footprint as the FRENIC-Mini (C1) Drives. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Fuji Electric's Silicon Carbide Hybrid Module

Power electronics manufacturer Fuji Electric has announced the introduction of a new Silicon Carbide Hybrid Module, which allows for smaller, lighter system packages due to its higher switching speed and increased efficiency over full Silicon Power Modules. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - 2-Stage Regenerative Blowers

The 2VFB Series was designed to suit the needs of high pressure applications such as sparging, wastewater treatment plants, dental vacuums, and more. These new blowers are powered by direct drive TEFC motors ranging from 1.2HP to 11.5HP and operate on a wide range of voltages at 50 or 60 Hz, making them a versatile option for a multitude of project types. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - PEGASUS NHL Portable Gamma Survey Meter

PEGASUS NHL is a hand-held survey meter for ambient dose measurement that provides
accurate measurement over wide dose rate range from background level. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Monitouch HMI V9 Series

Fuji Electric's Monitouch HMI V9 Series includes three line-ups with the V9 Lite, V9 Standard, and the V9 Advanced, designed to replace the V8 Series while also offering step-up features to satisfy the requirements of more advanced applications. The V9 series range in size from 5.7” to 15". All models are UL Certified, and come standard with on-board Ethernet ports and SD card slots. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - FRENIC-HVAC Series

Fuji Electric’s new low voltage FRENIC-HVAC slim-type inverters are designed for energy savings and optimal control of fan and pump applications. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - High Power Single Stage Ring Compressor

The VFC Series ring compressor from Fuji Electric is the perfect solution for blower applications requiring high levels of air agitation and vacuum pick-up. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Frenic EcoPUMP

The Frenic-EcoPUMP Saves Energy, Time and Money in Pumping Applications

· Optimal Functions for AG & Submersible Pumps

· Patented Energy Saving Features

· UL Certified for Single Phase Input from 1HP to 250HP (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Fuji Electric's Monitouch Technoshot Series

Our Monitouch Technoshot programmable display can be used in various fields and with its sophisticated communication technology and variety of interfaces and options, it meets the needs of production sites in all industries. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - FRENIC-MEGA Series from Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric’s FRENIC-MEGA series provides the industry’s highest performance drive for three-phase motor applications. They offer expanded power ratings and flexible configurations that support 1/2 HP up to 1,000 HP AC. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Now Selling Direct in North America

Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd., a leading global manufacturer of industrial automation, recently made their AC drive inverter products available for direct purchase through Fuji Electric Corporation of America (FECOA). (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Top Performing All-Purpose AC VECTOR Drive

The best vector control of any general purpose inverter in it's class, the RoHS compliant, small footprint, multi-purpose MEGA VFD is ideal for most industrial drive applications. Also it excels in very accurate position control. Fuji Electric has further evolved their original torque vector control by... (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - Calculate Energy Savings w/ EcoPAK HVAC Drive

When compared to mechanical flow control devices the FRENIC-EcoPAK AC Drive solution from Fuji Electric produces significant improvements in total cost of energy as well as reduction in required maintenance, reduction in ambient noise and process control. (read more)

Fuji Electric Corp. of America - MONITOUCH HMI configuration software V-SFT

Easily customize your screen with access to: Graphics library, including 3D images, Multi-language, Powerful scripting, 8-way communication with extensive driver list for PLCs, VFDs, etc. Easy screen conversion with all Monitouch screens and different sized screens. V-SFT won a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Award. (read more)