InCon Process Systems - NEW Wiped Film Evaporator & Distillation Systems

GIG Karasek Introduces High Efficiency Wiped Film Evaporator Technology and Distillation Systems To Improve Quality And Slash Operating Costs (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Thin Film Systems from InCon Process Systems

Thin Film Dryer is a special design of the thin film evaporator used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries. There are two types of thin-film dryers, vertical and horizontal dryers. (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Is Your Process Limiting You?

InCon draws on our extensive experience and adds the expertise developed over decades by GIG Karasek in the design and production of Falling Film, Forced Circulation, Thin Film and Molecular Distillation Evaporators. (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Specialized Process Equipment: InCon GIG Karasek

InCon/GIG Karasek has a special strength in the processing of high-quality materials, as well as their mechanical treatment. GIG Karasek possesses an extraordinary manufacturing depth which is backed up by a permanent culture of tight manufacturing process control. (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Why Short Path Evaporation? Incon Process Systems

The Short Path Evaporator operates in principle similar to a high performance Thin Film Evaporator. The main difference is that the vapor chamber is additionally equipped with a built-in internal condenser, which results in an extremely short distance between the heating surface and the condensing surface, thus minimizing the pressure drop sustained during condensing duty (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Having a Problem with Your Chemical...?

InCon Process Systems is a recognized leader in the design, piloting, synthesis and manufacture of specialty chemicals. Our areas of expertise are broad and we are specialists in Molecular Distillation and the production of high quality nutritional and other fine synthetic chemical compounds. We specialize in the supply of fully pre-assembled Modular Wiped Film Evaporator... (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Specialty Chemical Distillation: InCon Can Help

InCon Processing can manufacture the molecule of your choice to meet your purity or quality requirements, under contract, with complete confidentiality. From kilogram to tanker-truck quantities, we can cover your needs every step of the way. (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Question: When You Expand, Do You Improve..?

When you expand, do you challenge yourself to improve upon unacceptable performance? Why accept inferior evaporator technology from your supplier? Another client was tired of $30,000 rotor repair bills from their current supplier. They replaced the former technology with GIG Karasek POWERFILM Rotor Technology. (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Thin Film Evaporators by InCon Processing

Question: Do you have applications so large your Thin Film Supplier cannot scale up? Shouldn't you gain economy of scale in your large process and not be limited by suppliers who think small?

In our last Newsletter, we described starting up the World's Largest Short Path Evaporator Now GIG Karasek has completed another client benchmark (read more)

InCon Process Systems - POWERFILM Rotor Technology - Increased Performance

GIG Karasek has developed the POWERFILM™ Rotor Technology to dramatically increase performance for Wiped Film Evaporator, Short Path Evaporator, Thin Film Evaporator, or Vacuum Molecular Distillation Processes at lower capital investment. This technology is available immediately (read more)

InCon Process Systems - InCon's Molecular Distillation System...

InCon's Laboratory Short Path Distillation System is a small Molecular Distillation System for R&D facilities. It is invaluable in developing formulations, generating products and proving process separations involving Molecular Distillation Technology. Versatile tool provides the means for isolating small quantities (read more)

InCon Process Systems - Thin Film System Fabricator: IPS-GIGK

Using InCon's process knowledge and GIG Karasek's processes and internationally acclaimed fabrication expertise, we will design, fabricate, test, deliver, and startup your system. (read more)