Established in 1969, Control Instruments' mission is to engineer and manufacture high quality solutions to both simple and complex gas detection problems. Their application expertise is supported by one of the most knowledgeable teams of engineers in the industry, who together have over 150 years of life experience in gas detection.

Control Instruments' manufacturing facility in New Jersey employs the latest in production methods and revision control to assure you the highest quality. They bench-test every system to your specifications before it leaves the plant, which helps to greatly reduce start-up time after installation. They are committed to meeting your delivery requirements on-time, whether your order is for one or one thousand points.


Control Instruments products are installed worldwide and are used under the most demanding conditions, from oil pipelines in the arctic to drilling wells in the desert. You will find their reliable, low-maintenance instruments also being used in numerous manufacturing industries, where productivity is a key concern, from printing and flexible packaging to semiconductor, pharmaceutical and automobile manufacturing. Control Instruments even supply systems that meet the strict requirements of military fighter jets and nuclear submarines.

Control Instruments Corp.

Control Instruments offers you a full range of system design and allied services to help you select the safest, most efficient and most economical system possible to meet your needs.

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