InCon Process SystemsInCon and its partner, GIG Karasek, are the recognized leaders in the design, piloting, synthesis and manufacture of Specialty Chemicals. InCon’s areas of expertise include:

  • The InCon Specialized Omega 3 Fish Oil Process
  • Polymer, Epoxy and Silicone Purification to High Purity
  • Paraffin, Fischer-Tropes, and Polyethylene Wax Distillation
  • Specialized Oil Refinery Distillation and Rerefining Processes
  • Purification of Tocopherols, Sterols, Tocotrienols and Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • The InCon Biodiesel Process recovers valuable nutrients from Biodiesel Streams

In selecting a partner for contract production of for your own process development, please consider the following:

  • InCon excels at providing exacting in house chemical analysis during testing and throughout production.

  • InCon can fully pilot and develop your process, using their chemical analysis to maintain chemical specification.

  • InCon can manufacture kilogram to tanker-truck quantities of your product.

  • InCon has partnered with GIG Karasek, the world’s largest manufacturer of thermal processing equipment, to execute your requirements regarding:

    • Short Path Evaporation
    • Wiped Film Evaporator
    • Thin Film Evaporation
    • Molecular Distillation
    • Vacuum Distillation
    • Short Path Distillation

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