Gopher Electronics is a Stocking Distributor of Electro-Mechanical Components, whose motto is “Providing Distribution Solutions”. Our Product Line focus includes the following:

Cable and Wire, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Circuit Protection, Connectors, Cords, Fans & Blowers, Filters – EMI and RFI, Fuses, Heat Shrink, LEDs, Lamps, Potentiometers, Power Supplies, Relays, Sensors, Switches, Transformers and Terminal Blocks.

Your company’s unique needs provide Gopher Electronics an opportunity to demonstrate many Distribution Solutions, which may be found on our Services & Solutions page. May the Shopping Experience at our Site meet and/or exceed your previous expectations.

Gopher Electronics Custom Solutions includes Custom Cable Conductor Assemblies, Custom Box Build, Flat Flexible Cable Assembly, Fan Assemblies, Flexstrip Jumpers, Membrane Switch Termination, Panel Build, Printed Circuit Termination, Sensor and Switch Assemblies. Our Custom Solutions Services include design assistance, drawing and spec development, prototyping & testing. Our experienced Custom Products team will assist with new design, modifications and retrofits.

Gopher Electronics is pleased to announce that we became ISO 9001:2008 certified in April 2014.

Supplier Directory Categories

Vacuum Sensors
(3 Products)
Limit Switches
(6,021 Products)
Toggle Switches
(1,232 Products)
Wire Terminals
(539 Products)
Rocker Switches
(455 Products)
(479 Products)
Sensor Chips
(343 Products)
Pressure Sensors
(2,589 Products)
Flat Cables
(144 Products)
Air Flow Sensors
(138 Products)
(116 Products)
Moisture Meters
(93 Products)
Current Sensors
(92 Products)
Circuit Breakers
(88 Products)
Hookup Wires
(64 Products)
Level Sensors
(75 Products)
(69 Products)
Gas Sensors
(55 Products)
Shrink Tubing
(42 Products)
Terminal Blocks
(47 Products)
Fuse Holders
(36 Products)
Cable Clamps
(29 Products)
Flow Meters
(27 Products)
Power Supplies
(27 Products)
Reed Switches
(30 Products)
Relay Sockets
(26 Products)
AC Power Cords
(22 Products)
Cable Ties
(26 Products)
(23 Products)
Audible Alarms
(19 Products)
(19 Products)
Wiring Ducts
(18 Products)
Level Switches
(18 Products)
Strain Reliefs
(16 Products)
Power Connectors
(14 Products)
Fan Guards
(11 Products)
Network Cables
(9 Products)
(10 Products)
Ferrite Beads
(5 Products)
Tilt Switches
(6 Products)
Film Capacitors
(5 Products)
(5 Products)
(4 Products)
(2 Products)
Audio Cables
(1 Product)
Cable Glands
(1 Product)
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