Dean Pump Division, Met-Pro Corporation

Dean Pump Division is recognized worldwide for high quality pumps that handle a broad range of industrial applications for the chemical, petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical, plastics, pulp and paper, and food processing industries. We are particularly recognized as the industry leader in developing pumps for high temperature liquids.

Our experience speaks for itself. Think about it – 1869! That’s a lot of pumps out the door, many of which have become industry standards, recognized worldwide for engineering and manufacturing excellence. Dean pumps are working hard everywhere – at chemical and petrochemical plants, mines, power plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food processors and for a variety of hot oil and hot water applications.

Dean pumps are available in a wide range of configurations, materials, sizes, capacities and temperature ranges. We design them to fit into thousands of installations. And when a customer has a requirement for a new pump application, we work to create a new pumping solution.

Dean pumps are particularly recognized for the ability to move high temperature liquids to 850° F. Our thermal liquid pumps represent the highest quality and most cost effective heat transfer equipment available today. With our new ideas – and many years of successful design and manufacturing experience – we’ll solve the most difficult liquid pumping problem quickly, efficiently, and economically to keep your process flowing.

Our major product lines include:

  • Magnetic drive, air-cooled high temperature pumps
  • Magnetic drive, ANSI chemical pumps
  • Heavy duty, high temperature process pumps
  • Air-cooled, high temperature pumps
  • Horizontal and self-priming ANSI pumps
  • Heavy duty, industrial inline pumps
  • Vertical sump pumps
Dean Pump Division, Met-Pro Corporation
Dean Pump Division, Met-Pro Corporation
Dean Pump Division, Met-Pro Corporation

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