SL Power Electronics' (SLPE) global facilities provide local support to customers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. SLPE was formed by the merger of Ault and Condor, industry leaders for over 30 years in their respective segments of externally and internally mounted power conversion solutions.

SLPE is a subsidiary of SL Industries, Inc. (AMEX - SLI), a supplier of high-reliability power conversion, motion control, and electronic protection equipment designed for medical, aerospace, computer, datacom, industrial, telecom, transportation and utility applications.

SL Power Electronics Corp.

Industrial/Instrumentation Military Information Technology
SL Power Electronics Corp. SL Power Electronics Corp. SL Power Electronics Corp. SL Power Electronics Corp.
• Diagnostic & imaging
• Clinical & home point of care
• Portable medical devices
• Perioperative & rehabilitation
• Laboratory & bio-life sciences
• IEC60601 & FDA approvals
• Analytical instrumentation
• ATE & semiconductor test
• Process controls & robotics
• Security & surveillance
• Elevators & building controls
• Ticket kiosks/gaming
• ITAR registered supplier
• COTS and custom solutions
• Gas & material detection
• Ground mobile & shipboard
• Battlefield & flight simulators
• Secure data and voice
• Enterprise networks
• Point of Sale terminals
• Wireless communications
• Internet Protocol telephony
• Automated teller machines
• Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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