Softchoice Corporation

We combine the efficiency of a national IT supplier with the touch and technical expertise of a local solutions provider.

Softchoice believes in helping to build a better business for our customers. Fueled by the efforts of your people and ours working closely together, our goal is to help your organization become more successful, more productive and more competitive.

It all starts with the big questions you’re looking to answer. How can IT drive greater success for the organization? Where are we today? Where do we want to go? And what are the best ways get there? Softchoice believes in an assessment-led approach with a focus on YOU. Our role is to help unleash the potential of your IT organization to reach ambitious new heights.

It is our intention that Softchoice’s services will drive results for your team by combining deep expertise and proven processes that map to your unique situation. In delivering services, your success is OUR success.

Effective solutions don't only implement the right technology. They also factor in people and processes successfully. To create solutions that work on all these levels, you need a partner who is technology agnostic, deeply experienced, and holistic in their approach. That's Softchoice. Together WE can develop solutions that drive a better business.

Supplier Directory Categories

Anti-malware Software
(3,300 Products)
Anti-spam Software
(691 Products)
Audio Cables
(1,886 Products)
Audio Connectors
(110 Products)
Audio Headphones
(621 Products)
Audio Microphones
(111 Products)
(65 Products)
Barcode Printers
(305 Products)
Barcode Scanners
(1,147 Products)
(3,765 Products)
Cable Assemblies
(118 Products)
Cable Ties
(45 Products)
Computer Cables
(950 Products)
(878 Products)
DRAM Modules
(8,823 Products)
DVI Cables
(298 Products)
Data Storage Systems
(4,359 Products)
Ethernet Cables
(127 Products)
Fiber Optic Cables
(266 Products)
FireWire® Cables
(129 Products)
Flat Cables
(44 Products)
Gender Changers
(116 Products)
HDMI Cables
(552 Products)
Hard Drives
(3,722 Products)
(665 Products)
Industrial Containers
(2,212 Products)
Ink Jet Printers
(79 Products)
Label Printers
(1,891 Products)
(1,262 Products)
Laser Printers
(621 Products)
Lithium Batteries
(1,640 Products)
Memory Modules
(10,089 Products)
Network Bridges
(14 Products)
Network Cables
(23,943 Products)
Network Equipment
(2,552 Products)
Network Firewalls
(257 Products)
Network Gateways
(52 Products)
Network Hubs
(315 Products)
Network Routers
(1,272 Products)
Network Servers
(1,017 Products)
Network Switches
(155 Products)
PCI Products
(658 Products)
Patch Cables and Cords
(23,839 Products)
Power Strips
(230 Products)
Power Supplies
(2,759 Products)
Projection Lamps
(1,181 Products)
(486 Products)
RF Attenuators
(23 Products)
SCSI Cables
(436 Products)
Security Software
(41,031 Products)
Serial Adapters
(491 Products)
Serial Cables
(2,295 Products)
Surge Suppressors
(603 Products)
(50 Products)
USB Cables
(939 Products)
USB Connectors
(24 Products)
VGA Cables
(453 Products)
Video Cables
(2,184 Products)
Video Cameras
(1,166 Products)
Video Servers
(50 Products)
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