Turning Machine Tool Spindles Datasheets

Multi-Tool Electro Spindles
from Automatic Tool Changers Inc.

ATC Ultra High Speed, High Precision Electro-spindles with a built-in multi station tool carrier have been developed specifically to gain the optimum performance on production machines and robots when multiple operations or redundant tooling is required such as Drilling, Milling, Grinding, Tapping... [See More]

  • Application: Boring; Drilling; Grinding; Milling; Tapping; Turning
  • Power: 40
  • Operating Speed: 14000 to 80000
  • Configuration: Angle Head
ProMetrix™ -- B040-030B
from SETCO Inc.

ProMetrix ™ is SETCO's most customizable belt-driven spindle line. ProMetrix is offered in 10 standard sizes ranging from 40mm to 200mm and can be configured with Block, Cartridge, and Flange Cartridge housing styles. ProMetrix offers a large variety of options; bearing configurations, hybrid... [See More]

  • Application: Boring; Drilling; Grinding; Milling; Turning; Balancing, Winding
  • Torque: 66
  • Operating Speed: 13500 to 22500
  • TIR: 0.1000