Air Setting Specialty Cement, Concrete, and Mortar Datasheets

Key Pool-Deck Flooring System
from Key Resin Company

KEY POOL-DECK is a two-component polymeric modified concrete resurfacing mortar designed to provide a durable, slip resistant, and waterproof surface. Ideal for resurfacing old or new concrete and masonry. Key Pool Deck provides the ideal indoor/outdoor decorative finish for swimming pool decks,... [See More]

  • Technology / Cure Type: Two or More Components; Air
  • Bond / Binder: PolymerModified
  • Product Type / Form: Concrete; Mortar
  • Compressive Strength: 6000
Kerathin Adhesive -- 1260
from Rath Incorporated

Kerathin Adhesives are a series of ready-to-use air hardening refractory mortars based on ceramic fillers, organic and inorganic bonding agents. Kerathin Adhesives are used to anchor ceramic fiber materials to lightweight refractory brick, ribbed mesh wire, ceramic fiber modules, vacuum formed... [See More]

  • Technology / Cure Type: Air
  • Filler / Aggregate: Alumina
  • Product Type / Form: Mortar; Refractory Cements / Raw Materials
  • Composition or ASTM/EN Cement Type : 26%Al2O3-67%SiO2
Sewergard™ Rotary Spray -- No. 210RS
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen SewerGardTM No. 210RS is a rotary spray-applied material specifically designed to protect concrete and steel. surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures from chemical attack and physical abuse. The application properties. of No. 210RS permit economical protection of new and... [See More]

  • Technology / Cure Type: Heat Setting or Thermoset; Two or More Components; Air
  • Bond / Binder: PolymerBond; Epoxy
  • Product Type / Form: Liner or Lining System
  • Composition or ASTM/EN Cement Type : Aggregate Filled
MortarCast™ -- Series 219
from Tnemec Company, Inc.

A high-performance, aggregate reinforced, cementitious epoxy [See More]

  • Technology / Cure Type: Air
  • Bond / Binder: Water-Based Epoxy Modified Cement; PolymerModified; Epoxy
  • Product Type / Form: Mortar
  • Cure Time: 720 to 1080