EMI or RFI Filter / ESD Shield Board to Board Connectors Datasheets

D-Shaped Connectors - Centronics -- 10120-5212PC-ND [10120-5212PC from 3M]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Features: EMI / RFI Noise Filter
  • Geometry: RightAngle
  • Connector Type: Plug
  • Contact Rows: Dual
PotCon™ Miniature Circular Connector PBTP -- 24318
from Douglas Electrical Components

The PotCon line of hermetic feedthroughs incorporates standard connectors and/or wire harnesses in a single, fully-sealed housing. This line features disconnectable connectors at the pressure/vacuum interface as well as the ATM interface which allow for easy mating and unmating during install. Seal... [See More]

  • Features: Cryogenic (optional feature); EMI / RFI Noise Filter (optional feature); Environment Resistant (optional feature); Hermetically Sealed; Hospital Grade (optional feature); Locking (optional feature); Moisture or Oil Resistant (optional feature); Quick Connect / Disconnect (optional feature); Underwater Use (optional feature); Water Resistant Connector (optional feature)
  • Gender: Male; Female
  • Connector Type: Header (optional feature)
  • Geometry: Straight; RightAngle (optional feature)
HDM -- 73659-0001
from Molex

HDM Board-to-Board Backplane Power Module, Vertical, SMC, Power Receptacle, 12 Circuits, Gold (Au) 0.76m [See More]

  • Features: EMI / RFI Noise Filter; Hospital Grade
  • Contacts Pitch: 2.00mm
  • Geometry: Vertical
  • Contact Plating: Gold
LRM Series Connector
from Amphenol Aerospace Corporation

Amphenol offers complete board level design flexibility with its LRM (Line Replaceable Modular) interconnect series. Amphenol LRM connectors provide the high level of design versatility that engineers need for board level interconnects in today ’s demanding military and avionic applications. [See More]

  • Features: EMI / RFI Noise Filter
  • Gender: Male; Female
  • Connector Type: Header
  • Contact Rows: Dual (optional feature); 4 or 8
HDRA Series -- HDRA-E68FT+
from Components Express, Inc.

68p female smt connector rohs [See More]

  • Features: EMI / RFI Noise Filter
  • Gender: Female
  • Connector Type: Header; BoxHeader
  • Contact Rows: Dual
HAC-PAK / MIL-C-28804 Connectors
from Delphi Automotive LLP

Delphi HAC-PAK / MIL-C-28804 Connectors are subminiature rectangular connectors with a packaging concept that offers unique application versatility. Termination of a variety of cable types is easily accomplished: Flat printed wiring cable to fixed solder-tail contacts. Flat printed wiring cable to... [See More]

  • Features: EMI / RFI Noise Filter
  • Geometry: Straight
  • Connector Type: Header; BoxHeader
  • Current Rating: 5.0
Triax Rec Full Detent to 10 Pin -- 014500-4004
from Sabritec, Inc.

Sabritecs rugged d-subminiature multiway connectors are designed to ground the outer shield of a triax contact directly to the shell of the connector. A multi-finger ground spring, fixed around the triax shell, provides a multi-point contact engagement for superior EMI shielding. The result is an... [See More]

  • Features: EMI / RFI Noise Filter; Environment Resistant
  • Geometry: Straight
  • Gender: Female
  • Contact Plating: Copper (optional feature); Gold (optional feature); Nickel (optional feature); Silver (optional feature); Brass, Alloy, BeCu, Gold