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Minor cause, major effect!
That is exactly what our product innovation demonstrates. Introduced in October - the airflow of the Filter Fan Plus will simply blow you away.
Why? See for yourself!

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These compact, low-profile coolers using the Peltier effect allow you to cool small indoor and outdoor enclosures. No condensers, compressors or filters are required making it a reliable solution for demanding low-maintenance environments. Read more...

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EXAIR Corporation

EXAIR's digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) is now available for Dual Cabinet Cooler® Systems installed on large or high heat load enclosures. An ETC Dual Cabinet Cooler system will keep electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. Systems produce 20°F air to eliminate high temperature malfunctions and protect sensitive electronics from harsh environme... Read more...

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Altech Corp.

The Panel building market has very specific needs. This unique cable management system developed specifically for use within cabinets and control panels. Select Standard, Thin, Closed Slot and Unslotted depending on the application. Available in a number of sizes and colors, manufactured in standard PVC material. Read more...

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Solid State Devices, Inc.

SSDI has earned a reputation for excellence in supplying custom high power and high voltage semiconductors and modules to the military/aerospace industry for over 45 years. We specialize in high reliability application specific products with competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Read more...

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Thermal Edge, Inc.

Thermal Edge units include our integrated condensate evaporation package, programmable digital controller and use a thermal expansion valve to attain the broadest range of cooling.The HC (high capacity) series of units capacity runs from 10,000 BTUH through 15,000 BTUH and come in 230VAC and 480VAC. All Thermal Edge units are UL Listed and available in NEMA Types 12... Read more...

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ebm-papst Inc.

Introducing the new ACi4400 tubeaxial fan series! The ACi4400 series is a fully compatible alternative to the classic 119 x 119 x 38 mm AC fans, simply upgrade the technology to reduce energy costs. Read more...

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Explosive hydro-forming has been an accepted metal-forming technique for almost 50 years. It has been used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive, aerospace, and maritime industries. PA&E has extensive experience using this technique to form a wide variety of metals. Typical forming projects yield very close tolerances and very high degrees of repeatability. Read more...

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Explosive bonding of metals allow design engineers to place a certain material exactly where they need it in the design, without compromising other critical design elements. Design engineers who utilize the principles of explosive bonded metals in their applications hold a distinct advantage over those who don't. Read more...

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Mechatronics Fan Group

Mechatronics High-Temp AC Fans provide air-moving options for applications with elevated operating temperatures. These models are designed for up to 30% higher ambient temperatures compared to standard AC models. Durable designs including frame, impeller, and bearing considerations allow for operation in environments up to 90 degrees C. Read more...

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