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Advances in CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM software, including developments in part design and assembly.

The MapleCloud is now accessible from a web browser, giving you a powerful new option for deploying and sharing your Maple content. Read more...

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Radiant Vision Systems

When testing FPD quality, or looking for defects, you do not always have one specific failure mode that you are testing. TrueTest software, the flagship of the TrueTest family, addresses this by providing... Read more...

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Phenom-World BV

The Phenom desktop SEM with PoroMetric software allows easy generation and analysis of SEM images. The integrated PoroMetric software allows the user to gather data on distribution of pores, and pore parameters like pore size and aspect ratio. Read more...

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Prism Sound

Prism Sound and SADiE are proud to announce that SADiE 6 software for audio recording and production has been nominated for a TEC award in the workstation technology category.

SADiE 6 gives you the freedom to work on any Windows computer using a soundcard such as Prism Sound Orpheus, the computer's built-in sound card, or to use the low-latency, high-reliability SADiE Series 5 har... Read more...

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Remcom (USA)

VariPose® is a special purpose software tool that repositions the voxels of the Male Visible Human mesh including internal anatomical structures. Read more...

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Olympus Scientific Solutions America

Olympus NDT is pleased to introduce OmniPC software specifically developed for the Olympus OmniScan phased array flaw detector. OmniPC is a computer-based software program that provides comprehensive data analysis capabilities of inspection data acquired with the OmniScan flaw detector. Read more...

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