Sunnex, Inc.

Sunnex designs and manufacturers a wide range of magnifying lamp and light products for virtually every industrial task, quality inspection, assembly, workbench, or machine lighting application. Read more...

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IntelLiDrives, Inc.

Open-frame XY stages designed with a low profile for a wide range of automated accurate positioning in microscope-based applications. The drive mechanism located on the side of the unit and offers a clear unobstruced two axes aperture to enable light or objects to pass through the center of travel. Read more...

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Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of its new Micro-Video-Zoom Objective that offers a wide range of magnification, fields of view, and working distances for video use in several industrial applications. Read more...

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Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce the release of SMZ1270, a stereo microscope with the largest zoom ratio in its class, SMZ1270i, a version of SMZ1270 with intelligent features, and SMZ800N with enhanced optics and operability. Read more...

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KEYENCE Releases VHX-5000 – New Digital Microscope Eliminates Need for Focus Adjustment Read more...

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Mahr Federal Inc.

  • MarVision MM 320 measures and dimensions geometric elements using integrated CCD color camera with zoom lens and 23" touchscreen PC
  • Automatic edge recognition detects low contrast features; Multi-Touch function provides quick and continuous variable magnification
  • Flagship MM 320 ushers in new line of MarVision Optical Measurement Instruments

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Leica Microsystems, Inc.

Materials science relies on Digital Microscopy for specialized needs such as 360° viewing of components for quality control, or monitoring corrosion. Qualitative assessment of surfaces and movie documentation and 3D profiling are easily attainable with Leica Microsystems' solutions for Materials Science - See a range of applications and videos Read more...

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