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  • Respiratory PPE for Wet Well Applications
    Wet well sites are generally thought of as sewers, pump stations and waste water holding. tanks, but also include water fountain control valve pits, septic tanks, ewage digesters, and. water tower interiors. Many wet well scenarios are defined as confined space, despite that. some are open
    for any contaminants such as mold release agents, plasticizers, or other resin formulations that migrate to the surface. Surface energy also influences adhesion. It defines the ability of adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes to "wet out " plastic surfaces to allow adhesion. Surface wet
  • Energy-stingy coolers
    Despite using as little as one-eighth the power of traditional coolers or chiller systems, many industries have yet to adopt evaporative cooling. , Phoenix, Ariz., that cools despite increased wet-bulb temperature and relative humidity could put evaporative coolers on the fast track. A new suite
  • Medical Device Link .
    seals, filters, flanges, valves, sensors, analytical instrumentation, semiconductor chambers, slit valves, vacuum components, wet stations, and furnace doors. MARCO RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS INC., An injection molding machine is designed for small liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts. The precise
  • Typical Characteristic of Gassing on VRLA Batteries - Dynasty Example
    which occurs at the negative plate of the cell and minimizes the generation of hydrogen. As a result, the VRLA battery will typically have a recombination rate of 95 to 99% and will emit only a very small fraction of the hydrogen as would be emitted by a vented (wet) lead acid battery.
  • Battery Failure Prediction (.pdf)
    The weak link in a standby battery-based emergency system is the battery. The batteries referred to here are either flooded (wet) cell type, or the valve-regulated type (VRLA). These batteries are typically used to power UPS systems, switchgear, oil pumps, telephone central office, outside plant
  • MICRO:Top 40 - Page 2 (Nov '00)
    , the 304 spin processor 300-mm platform complies fully with SEMI 300-mm automation and communications standards. Seen as a replacement for batch wet-bench applications, the spin processor performs backside film removal preceding advanced lithography operations and provides silicon stress relief
  • MICRO: Critical Materials?Chemicals
    . It includes a case study that involved chemical flow problems in solvent hoods at Texas Instruments' DMOS5-S wafer fab in Dallas, TX. Inferred versus Direct-Measured Flow Rates The flow of chemicals in many semiconductor wet process hoods is inferred rather than directly measured. This is true
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Oct. '98, p.110)
    to ensure a fresh mix to +-1% accuracy, while the dispensing module uses pressurized wet N to deliver slurry to the tools without pulsation. A control module features a touch screen operator interface and single-point utility connections. The MTBF rate is >3000 hours. The SpectraLASER UTF
  • Interphex Preview, Part Deux
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and HEPA/ULPA Filters offers industrial vacuum cleaners: intermittent duty, continuous duty, central systems, wet/dry, explosion-proof, air-operated, stainless steel, separators and hoppers

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