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Pond and Lagoon Aerators Information


Pond and lagoon aerators are devices that bring air into contact with water, often by spraying water through air or forcing air through water. Aerators are used to oxygenate soil to oxygenate bodies of water to ensure the health of fish stocks. These devices are also used in water treatment plants to oxygenate wastewater for positive microbial action.


Spraying aerators are used to aerate ponds, lakes, or tanks. This device consists of an aerator pump connected to a spray nozzle. A pond or lake aerator can use a variety of floating aerators, such as paddlewheels and injectors to provide oxygenated air.


Pond and lagoon aerators are also used to treat wastewater. These devices may be submersible pumps, surface mixers, or a system that pipes air bubbles through a wastewater tank. Aerators are also used to condition sewage or wastewater for residential applications. A septic tank aerator uses an electric motor and fan blade assembly attached to an air shaft with a copper aspirator tip that is submerged in the liquid. The electric motor is mounted on brackets above the water line and turns the air shaft and aspirator, mixing the liquid in the septic tank to introduce dissolved oxygen.


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