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Despatch Industries

Despatch Industries offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Ovens (industrial)

Despatch developed a highly uniform, custom thaw chamber for the pharmaceutical application of thawing bags of frozen liquid under very controlled conditions. The precise thawing technology uses high speed horizontal airflow in a closed chamber to thaw batches as quickly as possible while maintaining uniform temperatures in each individual bag. Utilizing a thaw chamber instead of a custo... (read more)

The Despatch Glass Processing conveyor oven was designed for high volume touchscreen and LCD glass manufacturing. (read more)

Despatch designed and built a custom FCH2-12 furnace for a special component annealing application. Per the customer's request, the FCH incorporated HEPA filtration of fresh air and a 316L interior for improved chamber cleanliness. Other features included modulating dampers on the fresh air and exhaust to allow a controlled cooling rate and a large forced exhaust fan to promote rapid coo... (read more)

Manufacturers of ICs, RAM and ROM modules, microprocessors and other semiconductor devices use ovens to test or burn-in their devices at elevated temperatures to identify early product failures and ensure long-term reliability. Many customized solutions are available to meet customer needs. We work with customers to provide custom controls, loading and unloading, cooling systems and more... (read more)

Despatch Industries is also listed in these categories:
  • Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms
  • Furnaces (industrial)
  • Laboratory Ovens