Custom Products



Micro-Epsilon offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Capacitive Linear Position Sensors

The combination sensor which combines a capacitive and an eddy current sensor in one case is especially suitable for layer thickness measurement of plastics. The eddy current sensor penetrates the plastic layer and measures the distance to a metal layer underneath it. The capacitive sensor precisely measures the distance to the plastic layer. (read more)

Time and time again, applications occur where the standard version of the sensor and controller are performing at their limits. We modify these measuring systems according to your specific requirements for these special applications. Changes are often requested by the customer, e.g. modified designs, target coordination, mounting options, individual cable lengths. (read more)

Eddy Current Linear Encoders

Micro-Epsilon has developed a completely new manufacturing technology for eddy current sensors. Using "Embedded Coil Technology" (ECT), the sensor is housed in an inorganic carrier material, which provides temperature and shape stability. Conventionally wound sensor coils are replaced by ECT. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon develops and produces separate products for OEM . Due to the extensive experience and high development competence, products emerge in doing so which overshadow previous solutions or represent a suitable method for previously unsolvable tasks. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon is able to develop and manufacture custom eddy current sensors according to individual customer requirements. Eddy current sensors are modified or completely redesigned using the company's expertise acquired over many years. Extremely flexible sensor designs and electronics are possible here. (read more)

Linear Position Sensors

The many possible applications for laser sensors often also place special requirements on the sensors in the optoNCDT series. Therefore, special models of the optoNCDT 1700 and optoNCDT 2200 sensors are often suitable for specific requirements. Among other things, these include modified measuring ranges or modified designs. (read more)

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT)

Inductive sensors are often a preferred choice due to their attractive price and the variety of standard sensor models. However, for many applications, an inductive sensor would also be suitable if certain modifications could be made. This is now possible by using custom sensors from Micro-Epsilon, which can be adapted to suit specific applications. (read more)

String Potentiometers

Despite the range of wireSENSOR models available, application-specific modifications to the sensor are often required to suit a specific application. For high volume production, Micro-Epsilon can modify the sensor according to customer requirements. Modifications are often made to the length and design of the measuring wire, the tensioning force of the spring package or differe... (read more)