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Central Air Compressor Co.

Air/Tak - Experienced manufacturer's of Compressed Air System Products specializing in After Coolers, Filters/Drains, Refrigerated Air Dryers, Deliquescent Air Dryers and specialist equipment
Line of Accessories for the air system; aftercoolers; air dryers; seperators and drains
Bauer Compressors
High presssure industrial units
Filtration, compressed air drying, condensate management technology, advanced measurement devices . . . complete solutions for your compressed air challenges
BroomWade have over twenty high pressure compressors available, the V-Compact and V-Major have the versatility to meet a wide range of applications.
Divison of Gardner Denver; Reciprocating Compressors Splash and pressure lubricated; Climate Control; Oil-less Industrial and Medical
Chicago Pneumatic
Piston type compressors; 2- 10 h.p. Piston type duplex units 10-20 h.p. Gasoline Engine 9 hp. to 13 h.p. Rotary Screw Units 3h.p. to 200 h.p. Variable Speed to 250 h.p. Portable Compressors 90 c.f.m. to 750 c.f.m. Tools available
Division of Gardner Denver; Rotary compressors- lubricated 10 h.p. to 330 h.p. Cabinet :Variable Speed Units - cabinet 30 h.p. to 180 h.p.: Oil-less Varible Speed units 20 h.p. to 150 h.p.: Oil-less rotary screw 75 h.p. to 400 h.p.
Domick hunter
Domnick Hunter Filtration and Separation Division Parker domnick hunter is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality Compressed Air Dryers and filtration air and gas
EMGLO® compressors have been designed and manufactured as heavy-duty, professional-grade air compressors for nearly 60 years 1/3 h.p. to 5 h.p. ; division of Jenny
Many compressed air systems require point-of-use cleaning and drying of the air to supplement a central system. MP- Filenco dryer/? lter units perform superbly
Finite Filter offers acomplete line of compressed air and gas filtration products. Finite’s International H-Series is the right solution for most air needs "coalescing-particulate-absorbers
Piston type units - tank and base mounted from 1 h.p. 125 h.p. - up to 250 psi Climate Control units simplex and duplex Oil/less units Rotaries 5 h.p. to 300 h.p. - variable speed 25 h.p. - 300 h.p.
Gardner Denver
Gardner Denver is a recognized industry leader of rotary screw, reciprocating, and centrifugal air compressors, air treatment, and compressed air accessories.
Great Lakes Air
Refrigerated Air Dryers: non Cycling, High Temperature; thermal exchange - cycling Desiccant Type Dryers: Regenerative; Heatless Regenerative; Externally Heated Regenerative: internally Heated Regenerative; Blower Purge Regnerative; Fluid Power Heatless Regenerative ; Deliquescent type. Nitrogen Generator (PSA) Filtration- Coalescing, Particulate, & absorber; mist eliminators
Hankison has built a global reputation for manufacturing quality compressed air treatment solutions. For over half a century,
Air Compressosrs : oil free - 1/2 h.p. to 50 h.p.: 150 psi to 500 psi: - single - two and three state air cooled: two stage -watercooled: Air Boosters;- and gas compressors : oil free: single-two-three stage: - maximum inlet pres 150: maximum discharge pressure 1500 psi: 2h.p. to 40 h.p. range: air and water cooled: ENGINEERED PRODUCT
Division of Gardner Denver; tripod 2 - 5h.p. Tank Mounted simplex and duplex 5-10 h.p. Cabinet 5 - 60 h.p. Regulated Speed from 10-60 h.p.
Jenny Emglo
Portables - gas and electric up to 20 s.c.f.m. Stationary piston type units - tank mounted- base mounted sprinker system
Piston type air compressor pump; 3 h.p. to 25 h.p.
Industrial air compressors; rotary and recriprocating
MAKO is a leading manufacturer of high pressure compressors and is the U.S. leader in customer driven product design
Master Pneumatic
Worldwide supplier of quality filters, regulators, lubricators, silencers, vacuum switches, Scorpion, equipment, SERV-OIL lubrication systems, dryers and much more
Mattei Air Compressors
Rotary Vane Compresors 3 h.p. to 200 h.p. 6.7 c.f.m. to 1250 c.f.m. open; tank mounted; and silent cabinets; energy saving .
Refrigeration Dryers: Dry Energy hybridcycling Dryers; high pressure cycling dryers; dry power non cycling dryers; Filters - air and Gas Chiller air cooled hermetic cycling packaged chillers: watercooled Hermetic cyling packaged chillers:
NANO - Purification Solutions
Condensate Managment oil water seperators w/ sterling filtration media - 60 s.c.f.m. to 7000 s.c.f.m. Refrigerated Dryers - cycling - 20-2000 scfm Desiccant Dryers - ultra-high purity 3-177 scfm Filteration - compressed air & gas filtration 8-1500 scfm filtration elements for many manufacturers
Norgren is a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies. We engineer advantage for our customers by solving their problems filter-regulators-lubricators- valves - drains
Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, engineering innovative products and systems to increase their customers' productivity and profitability
Oil-less: Lubricated - tankmount simplex and duplex Scroll oil-less Pump- simplex-enclosure-basemounted & tankmounted - Scroll Duplex Tankmounted Reciprocating Oil-less Pumps Luibricated Industrial Rotary vane vacuum pump;s Climate Control- simplex & duplex Medical and Dental Systms
Compressed air dryers, filters, and air system accessories from PREMIER Air Systems enable you to include reliable treatment equipment
Reelcraft is a leading manufacturer of hose reels, cord reels and cable reels. With over 2500 models of reels available
Piston type units from 1 h.p. to 30 h.p. simplex and duplex; tank mounted and base mounted splash lubrication and pressure lubrication
SMC Corporation of America - Your source for air cylinders, actuators, valves, fittings, regulators, air dryers and more for the automation industry
Sullivan-Palatek Rotary Screw Air Compressors
Sullivan-Palatek high efficiency electric driven, rotary screw air compressors (from 5-400 HP) provide more air at higher pressures than competitive machines. Portable.diesel driven units from 185 c.f.m. to 1800 c.f.m. Complete line of construction tools
piston type air compressor units (some parts still available
Industrial piston and rotary type compressors; named Compair or LeRoii
Wilkerson manufactures and markets a complete line of compressed air treatment components and control products. These include filters, regulators and lubricators