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Control Instruments Corp. - Back to the Basics: The Role of the Analyzer

Go back to the basics of gas detection & solvent vapor monitoring. The purpose of a combustible gas analyzer is to provide early warning of an increasing concentration of combustible gas, before it can burn or explode. Visit Control Instruments to find out how we can help you select the safest, most efficient & economical system for your application. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Gas Monitoring Systems for Wastewater Applications

Regulations prohibit facilities from discharging flammable or explosive wastes from their processes into the wastewater collection system. Control Instruments' PrevEx Flammability Analyzers are used to continuously monitor the waste stream for flammable gases and vapors. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - PrevEx Flammability Analyzer Energy Saver

A metal roofing and gutter system manufacturer chose PrevEx Flammability Analyzers to monitor the LFL levels of the ovens in their new production line. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Prevent Explosions w/PrevEx Flammability Analyzer

One of our customers, a manufacturer of graphite components, had a plant safety audit done (ANALYZE HAZARDS!) and it was discovered that there was nothing on their ovens to protect against explosions. A number of requirements led the company to the selection of Control Instruments' PrevEx Flammability Analyzer. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Flammability Analyzers for Process Applications

Why have so many fires and explosions occurred in industrial processes that were believed to have adequate protection against such hazards? Selecting the correct analyzer is essential to maintaining a safe process. Control Instruments has published an application note comparing Flammability Analyzers vs. Flame Ionization Detectors for Process Applications. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Proppants Case History for PrevEx Analyzers

A leading manufacturer of sand-based products used by oil and gas exploration and production companies in hydraulic fracturing was informed by their System Integrator that because of the potential hazard of an explosion from the buildup of flammable solvent vapors in their dryers, they needed monitoring. They chose Control Instruments' PrevEx Analyzers. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Package Printing OEM Uses PrevEx Analyzers

A leading supplier of industrial packaging equipment and services to packaging manufacturers around the world was tasked with the goal of helping their Customers identify and implement energy savings opportunities while achieving maximum efficiency of their printing operation as well as maintaining safety. They chose PrevEx Flammability Analyzers to meet their LFL monitoring needs. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Labeling Products Company uses PrevEx Analyzers

A company manufacturing labeling products for the food, beverage, dairy, home & personal care and pharmaceutical industries was experiencing inconsistent readings with their infrared detectors. They chose PrevEx Flammability Analyzers for a turnkey solution - installation, start-up and maintenance. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - FTA vs. IR in Solvent Based Printing

A leading manufacturer of flexible and rigid packaging chose Control Instruments' PrevEx Flammability Analyzers and have been successfully adding these analyzers in their plants worldwide. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Specialty Chemicals Case Study for PrevEx Analyzer

A global producer of high performance materials, industrial specialty chemicals and coating solutions, was using a catalytic sensor to monitor the LFL of the off-gas vent stream. They were not happy with the 25 second response time and needed an analyzer with a quicker response time, preferably less than 5 seconds. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Competitive Displacement Flammability Monitoring

Control Instruments Corp. has introduced a four part blog application series on Competitive Displacement in Flammability Monitoring. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Decorated Paper Printing Case Study

A company that utilizes state of the art printing presses to apply solvent-based inks in different patterns on a thin web, was looking to reduce ventilation air and fuel costs without affecting production rates or violating the NFPA safety directives. They chose to install PrevEx Flammability Analyzers on their dryers so they could run above 25%LFL. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Gas Monitoring Systems for the Chemical Industry

Chemical facilities use a variety of hazardous gases and solvents in their production processes. Whenever these substances are transported, processed or stored, the potential risks are high for hazardous conditions. Control Instruments' various lines of hazardous gas monitoring systems benefit the chemical industry. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - RTO Optimization Lowers Energy Costs

An international manufacturer of metallic coated, pre-painted steel, tinplate, blackplate and roll-formed building and industrial steel products serving the automotive, construction, and general manufacturing industries wanted to become more competitive without compromising safety. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Solvent Vapor Monitoring in Coil Coating Ovens

PrevEx Flammability analyzers are used in coil coating to monitor the flammability of the solvent vapor driven off during the drying process. PrevEx analyzers accurately measure solvent mixtures and can withstand the temperatures required to prevent sample clogging in coil coating plants. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Gas Monitoring Systems for Pollution Control

Control Instruments Corp.’s various lines of hazardous gas monitoring systems benefit the Pollution Control Industry. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Optimize Burner Efficiencies with CalorVal

The CalorVal BTU Analyzer optimizes burner efficiencies through measuring and controlling blended gas mixtures, which can reduce costs. These economical, fully-heated, air aspirator driven assemblies come complete and ready to install. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - PrevEx Flammability Analyzer Unmatched Safety

The PrevEx is Control Instruments' flammability analyzer for lower flammable limit monitoring (LFL/LEL). This analyzer performs under the demand of the industrial environment, designed to ensure perfect safety under all conditions. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Gas Monitoring Systems for Oil & Gas Industry

Control Instruments Corp.'s various lines of hazardous gas monitoring systems benefit the Oil & Gas industry in a variety of applications. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Natural Gas Processing Case History

Learn how Control Instruments' CalorVal BTU Caloric Analyzer was the analyzer of choice for one of the largest producers of natural gas in the Nation. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - PrevEx Flammability Analyzers Lower Energy Costs

The cost of natural gas used for heating process ovens & dryers can be substantial. By using PrevEx Flammability analyzers you can lower these costs and increase production speed, while complying with the necessary safety codes. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Fuel Additives Case Study for CalorVal Analyzer

A worldwide manufacturer of fuel additives that improve the refining process and boost the performance of gasoline and other fuels, needed to have a direct, real-time measurement of the LHV with either a Gas Chromatograph (GC) or a calorimeter and have the data available for the EPA audit. They no longer would accept a calculated BTU value. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Monitoring Combustible Gases in Kilns

A new white paper by Control Instruments, "Monitoring Combustible Gases in Kilns," discusses the hurdles involved with monitoring combustible gas concentrations for safety and key points to consider. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - CalorVal Minimizes Quantity of Assist Gas

A company specializing in manufacturing flares, burners, thermal oxidizers and vapor recovery systems for the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries had a customer where the flare had to handle different waste streams and combinations of waste streams, all with unique compositions. They chose the CalorVal to minimize the quantity of assisted gas required for the flare stacks. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Incineration Case History

The manufacturer of silicone, quarts and ceramic products chose Control Instruments’ PrevEx Model SNR674 analyzers after a three year investigation of all the technologies available. The PrevEx is constructed of hard-coat aluminum and well suited for their application. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Packaging Printing Case Study w/PrevEx Analyzers

A worldwide manufacturer of flexible and rigid packaging, serving the consumer and industrial marketplace, was going through an expansion and wanted to achieve maximum efficiency of their printing operation and maintain safety. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Burner Efficiency Case History

A world leader in combustion technology who designs and manufactures burners for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, was not meeting the testing standards for their burners. They chose the CalorVal BTU Analyzer because it provides an accurate and continuous measurement of the BTU content in real time mode. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Energy Savings on Process Heating Units

Control Instruments' Gas Detection Analyzers were selected by a leading supplier of performance polymers that was increasing the production capabilities of one of its four polymer process lines. These Gas Detection Analyzers were the ideal chose because of their ability to read multiple gases at different concentration levels accurately under rugged industrial conditions. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Gas Monitoring Source for Safety & Sustainability

Control Instruments is a total solutions provider offering a complete line of gas detection technology and solutions to applications on systems and project level. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Specialty Materials: Non Wovens Case Study

A worldwide manufacturer of advanced specialty materials for filtration, battery & industrial applications was using Infrared Analyzers to monitor the %LFL in the dryer stream that removes the solvents from the coated sheet. The constituents of the process fouled the IR lens causing inaccurate readings and they had an explosion. The PrevEx SNR674 Analyzer was recommended. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - Tank Barge Degassing Case History

Learn how Control Instruments Corp.'s CalorVal BTU Calorific Analyzer was the analyzer of choice for a premier tank barge operator that wanted an analyzer that could handle measuring the variety of chemicals and gases (over 41) transported in their barges. (read more)

Control Instruments Corp. - CalorVal BTU Analyzer Optimizes Fuel Savings

Control Instruments' CalorVal BTU analyzer is the analyzer of choice for a leading supplier of performance polymers. (read more)