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Myostat Motion Control, Inc.

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - Cool Muscle EtherCAT Bridge

The EtherCAT Cool Muscle Bridge is Muscle Corporation's new 4-axis interface for EtherCAT networks. Four CM1 or CM2 motors can be connected to each bridge allowing for control of the Cool Muscles as an EtherCAT slave from an EtherCAT Master across a high performance network. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - Lead Screw Integrated Linear Cylinders

The CSR line of integrated actuators provides a complete compact solution from control to guided lead screw rod actuator. Available in NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 comparable sizes, the CSR is available with a wide range of screw leads, with strokes up to 4 inches. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - NEW - Ultra Low Vacuum SR Joints Now Available

SR Joints for Low Vacuum and Ultra Low Vacuum applications are now available, manufactured using SUS303, SUS 304, and SUS 440C. The SR Joint is manufactured by Hephaist Seiko in Japan under ISO:2008 certification. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - What is the Cool Muscle?

The Cool Muscle line of servo motors provides all the common components required for motion control embedded into the motor itself. The seamless integration of both software and hardware components create highly efficient motion modules that can be easily integrated into existing designs, or used to shorten the development cycle of your new machine. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - Integration in Motion - CS-17 Integrated Actuator

Chosen wisely, integrated motors offer a step up in price, programmability and performance. In this article, originally written for Design Engineering, Alexa Loiskandl examines the range of integrated motor options available. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - Expanded I/O Option

The Cool Muscle Expanded I/O option adds a wide range of Digital and Analog I/O to the CM1 integrated servo system. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - Join the Revolution

Every day engineers and system designers are discovering the benefits of joining the Cool Muscle Revolution. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - NEW Intelligent Closed Loop Captive Screw Actuator

Myostat Motion Control is now proud to offer the intelligent captive screw actuator. With its small accurate moves, this closed loop solution is ideal for syringe drives and dispensing pumps, fine adjustments and valves. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - Low Friction, High Precision Spherical Ball Joint

Hephaist’s Spherical Rolling Joint provides a high precision, low friction, rigid ball joint for demanding parallel robotics and photonics applications. (read more)

Myostat Motion Control, Inc. - Quality automation brands

Whether you are looking for a single component or a complete actuation solution, visit our website to learn more about our line of quality automation brands. (read more)