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Stäubli Corporation - Quick Couplers/Connectors for Liquid Cooling

Micro-electronics and wind turbines adopt liquid cooling

The heat being generated by electronic systems is increasing as more high power components are added to circuits within the same or even a reduced space envelope. The heat produced is outstripping the capacity of air cooling systems and a move to liquid cooling techniques is taking place across industry... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Mold Clamping Systems

Clamp your molds in seconds. Our quick clamping system adapt to all configurations, on existing or new machines with horizontal or vertical loading.

Bayonet Clamping

Easy and quick the manual bayonet system enables your mold clamping with a simple action on a removable operating lever.

Hydraulic Clamping

The hydraulic system is particularly suited to entirely... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Coupling Solutions for Fluids and Gases

Quick release couplings for fluids and gases A complete modular system

Stäubli’s quick connectors for fluids and gases consist of a full range of products that takes into account the distinct characteristics of the fluid or gas being handled, offering a wide variety of seals, numerous valving and locking technologies, as well as additional options such as key coding and... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - New Tool Changer Solutions at Fabtech 2013

Stäubli Connectors and Stäubli group company Multi-Contact will showcase the latest in tool changer technology at North America’s largest metal forming, welding and finishing event at the McCormick Place Lakeside in Chicago, IL, November 18-21.

Featuring a highly efficient, and low maintenance design, Stäubli tool changers are capable of payloads up to 1.5 ton... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Couplings for the chemical industry

Staubli Experience in fluid technology for the chemical industry.

As an expert in solvent fluid transfer, we can offer you quick couplings for sampling, filling and draining of containers, utility taps, calibrating and testing, distribution of pure gases, inerting containers, compressed air on process installations … (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Innovations in Robotics and Connectors Technology

Stäubli along with Multi-Contact USA Announces Technology Days

An Up-Close Look at New Innovations in Robotics, Software and Connection Technology

DUNCAN, SC (September 9, 2013) – Stäubli and Multi-Contact, a Staubli Group company, will host their West Coast Technology Days event in Windsor, CA, October 9-10, 2013.... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Automated Tool Changing and Connections

Stäubli automatic tool changers provide fast and secure changes of the tools fitted to the robot arm, significantly improving return on investment, often eliminating the need for additional robots. Their use adds to cell flexibility, improving both functionality and productivity as well as operator safety by removing any need to enter the cell to change tools. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - High Performance Connectors for Liquid Cooling

Stäubli high performance connectors overcome the challenges of liquid cooling powerful electronics

High power electronic systems used in many commercial and defense applications are outstripping the capability of air cooling; the move to higher capacity liquid cooling has already started, bringing additional challenges of safe fluid h... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Connection Solutions for Aerospace

Safe, adapted material solutions for air conditioning, breathing air, compressed air, fuel, hydraulics, thermal management and other connections. In all its connection systems, Stäubli integrates the technical characteristics and functions that meet your application requirements. For swift progress you can believe in.

Designed to meet your needs (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Stäubli Automotive Technologies: See What We Do

STÄUBLI has been designing and manufacturing quick connection systems for energy lines in all industrial fields for more than fifty years. We bring Cost Savings, Industrial Know-How, Solutions In Real Time, Quality Products Answering To Your Needs and more. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Mould Change Solutions

Stäubli Connectors provides innovative and cost effective solutions that help injection moulders minimise downtime on mould changeover and maximise productivity. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Connectors for fluids, gases and electrics

Selecting connectors for fluids, gases and electrics

Modern machinery and equipment often requires connections not just for electric power, hydraulics, cooling fluids and pneumatics but frequently also data transfer, fibre optics, sensors and thermocouples.

How can all of these connections be made in one simple operation? (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Connect Couplings for the Steel Industry

When used in a dusty environment, quick connect couplings connected on tension roller guides are submitted to extreme vibration stress.

Reliability of the connection, ensuring optimal lubrication of the roller guides and the facility to disconnect for maintenance, are the keys to your productivity.

With more than 50 years of experience in the most demanding markets, such as... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Release Couplings for Lab Equipment

Stäubli RBE series quick disconnects quickly and easily connect and disconnect gas services:

  • They Provide Safety such as anti-hose whip feature for compressed air and Quality, leak-tight connections.
  • They meet the technical specifications in terms of material, shut-off technology, mechanical keying, correct back adapters, and many nominal size possibilit...
(read more)
Stäubli Corporation - Quick Coupling Solutions for all industries

Connection solutions for all types of circuits in all industries

A recognized expert in safe, quick connection of fluids, gases, hydraulic and power supplies, Stäubli offers a wide range of standard quick couplings as well as highly specialized connectors for all types of circuits and applications, meeting the needs of all industries. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Mold Change Systems for Plastics Industry

Improve your productivity at every step of your process.

Increase the efficiency of your molding operations through reducing unproductive set-up and logistic times. See the possibilities with applying the Stäubli equipment for mold loading, mold clamping, energy connection and last but not least the Stäubli robot technology for the finished products handling and post pro... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Multi-coupling systems

Connect all of your fluid and electrical lines at once

Our multi-coupling systems offer a range of possibilities in terms of connections, diameter, flow rates and types of locking, all on a single plate. A number of different energy and fluid sources can be connected simultaneously, without risk of error or impact on performance with regard to flow rate and tightness. Our R... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Faster, Heavier, Stronger Robot Arm Tool Changer

Stäubli’s MPS 630 automatic tool changing system for robot arms can handle tools up to 630kgs and withstand the high bending and torsional moments created by fast moving robots, significantly expanding the suitable applications. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Modular connection system for all circuits

Modern machinery and equipment often requires connections not just for electric power, hydraulics, cooling fluids and pneumatics but frequently also data transfer, fibre optics, sensors and thermocouples. Stäubli’s CombiTac range of modular connectors allows all of these connections to be made in one simple operation, saving time and improving circuit integrity.

Stä... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Connectors for Alternative & Renewable Energy

Connectors for Thermal Management, Hydraulics and Electrical Supply

Stäubli has long been relied upon for quick, reliable connection solutions. Stäubli meets the demand with a versatile range of quick couplings and multi-couplings used to connect thermal management materials, hydraulics and electrical supply. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Couplings for Compressed Air

Stäubli has invented active safety.

Now a single movement is all that is needed to guarantee your safety!

Simpler to use, more convenient to handle, even safer and more reliable, the latest in the range of Stäubli quick couplings for compressed air circuits has all these qualities, plus one: innovation ! (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Safe, Quick, Easy Manual Clamping - Injection Mold

Stäubli, a specialist in mould connection and clamping systems, manufacture systems of each type making them uniquely able to provide advice on selection of the appropriate system for any application.

Mechanical systems, where the mould is held in position by a manual bayonet locking mechanism offer a simple and low cost system that is easy to install and operate. All injecti... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Couplings for Pneumatics

Connectors for compressed air: excellent safety and performance

Stäubli's comprehensive connection product range offers various benefits; Optimum tightness, Safety at all levels, both during operation and when disconnecting, Excellent guaranteed flow rate in all your compressed-air circuits, Handiness thanks to an ergonomic design and light materials. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - MCB All-Fluid flat face coupling - corrosive envts

The new all-stainless steel MCB range by Stäubli is designed for applications in corrosive environments or those requiring compliance with stringent hygiene standards. The competitive price will be of special interest to manufacturers in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and agri-food sectors. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Connectors for Thermal Management and Hydraulics

Known for its highly reliable, trouble-free connectors, Stäubli offers a wide range of connection solutions for fluids, thermal management, hydraulics, electrical supply and all energy systems. Its connectors address an array of wind industry concerns, such as preventing fluid leaks in the nacelle. As Stäubli Aerospace/Defense Application Specialist Rusty Robertson explained, "... (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Quick Couplings for Hydraulics

High resistance to all types of pressure.

A level of performance and technologies guaranteeing an optimum flow of fluid and perfect environmental and circuit integrity.

A degree of resistance as a result of a functional design and the choice of robust and reliable materials, seals and lockings. (read more)

Stäubli Corporation - Connection Systems for Machine Tools

Connection systems designed to be fully integrated into your machines, allowing you to make connections of the different types of energy, such as:

  • refrigerating fluids,
  • pressurizing-air,
  • cutting tool lubricants for bearings etc.,
  • electrical circuits,
  • hydraulic palletting and clamping circuits
(read more)