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(Fastening and Joining)
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With a "footprint" of 1,350,000 square feet and seating for 65,000 fans, Ford Field's total cost was approximately $300 million. And we feel it should be called Metraflex Field.... (View Full Article)
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Experience has proven the need for check valves in piping where reverse flow could be detrimental to the system. A valve which closes quietly and eliminates water hammer is obviously desirable. A need... (View Full Article)
(Fittings and Flanges)
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Eager for an alternative to the nearly impossible task of installing 1,900 guides in the renovation of an occupied building, Edwards Engineering found the "perfect solution" by using Metraflex... (View Full Article)
(Hose, Pipe, and Tubing Accessories)
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This article will examine the stresses and forces induced by thermal strain on pump systems and provide guidance on relieving these potentially damaging loads.... (View Full Article)
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It had been nearly 4 decades since the John C Kluczynski Federal Building in Chicago had been constructed, and no significant upgrades to the mechanical system had been undertaken since its ribbon... (View Full Article)
(Hose, Pipe and Tubing)
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"The installation was easy," commented Keith Cunningham, Foreman, National Fire Protection, Inc. "It was the first time we had installed a joint to handle building movement, as well as the first time... (View Full Article)