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About Allied

Founded in 1997 as Allied Services Group, the company has expanding its service footprint and is now one of the largest consulting, engineering, training and service firms focused on predictive and preventive maintenance.

Allied Reliability helps companies build wealth and competitive advantage through world-class predictive maintenance and reliability across a global manufacturing network.  Allied is the industry leader in designing and implementing a customized, integrated approach for identifying defects in assets utilizing predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring (CBM) services and has developed an innovative method of reliably measuring Return on Capital Investment in Asset Management. Utilizing Life Cycle Costing and advanced engineering methods, Return on Asset Reliability or (ROAR™) modeling has been successfully utilized by clients on many levels including Enterprise, Business Unit, Plant, Process, System, Asset, Component and Failure Mode. 

Allied's services group provides PdM technical services to over 200 plants and facilities in the U.S. They bring a unique, practical perspective to predictive maintenance because they do it every day.

Why Allied?

Whether their clients business needs require a turn-key solution or supplemental capabilities to jumpstart or enhance their PdM programs, Allied delivers the right model for your business.

Allied helps companies build wealth and competitive advantage through world class reliability across a global manufacturing network.

Allied delivers integrated Conditioned Monitoring (CM) applications as part of an overall equipment maintenance strategy.

Further, over the last decade, Allied has been able to build a rock-solid foundation of World Class Technical advisors and Analysts to deliver world class results through: 

  • People
    • Allied has associates within its ranks with over 800 years of experience, education and knowledge base representing a robust list of industry verticals. Whether it is servicing multiple industries such as: Aerospace, Food Processing, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and Utilities, Steel and Primary Metals, Allied has a team of seasoned professionals that understand the health of your equipment and can provided the necessary expertise to support your continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Service
    • Unlike many other companies who often package their products with their services as an added feature of their business, Allied is a service-centric company with a focus on identifying machinery defects and allowing their clients to maintain healthy assets and overall plant reliability. Whether the client is looking for a turn-key solution or simply supplementing their existing resources, Allied’s can provide the right service model for their client’s business needs.

  • Training
    • Allied uses only highly trained and third party certified technical analysts for their client base. Their lofty standards are one of the key elements in attracting and maintaining some of the most talented personnel in the industry.

  • Processes and Tools
    • Allied uses best practice processes and software tools to implement technologies in a PdM program. For example, an Asset Health Matrix will be developed to identify coverage models based on asset failure modes and criticality to develop a standard Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP) without burdening your current workflow. 

  • Standards
    • Allied has developed comprehensive data collection specifications and alarming criteria based on equipment type and their failure modes. With over 30,000 assets collected monthly, they have the ability to perform statistical analysis on the widest array of assets in the industry.

  • Asset Health Management and Reporting
    • Allied Reliability’s failure mode based maintenance approach utilizes a web based reporting system and asset health report to give their clients a comprehensive view of defect data, defect severity, asset criticality, and urgency of the defect. This information is used to provide planners and schedulers the backlog information that is necessary to allow the existence of a Proactive WorkFlow Model.
Allied Reliability, Inc.
Allied Reliability, Inc.
Allied Reliability, Inc.
Allied Reliability, Inc.
Allied Reliability, Inc.
Allied Reliability, Inc.
Allied Reliability, Inc.
Allied Reliability, Inc.

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