Cleaner Phosphoric Recycling Systems

CPR Systems
Metal Surface Pretreatment

CPR Systems, the leader in high pressure spray wand phosphatizing with recycling. The CPR System provides the cleaning power of a 5 stage washer in one step. The wash water including the chemical cleaner is collected and recycled for continuous use. Designed for large metal products, this high pressure, cleaning phosphating method is the definition of a lean manufacturing technology. The CPR System is energy efficient, environmental compliant, easy to use and operates on a low chemical consumption platform.

Discover. High Pressure Spray Wand Phosphating

CPR Systems
• Spray Wand Pressures Up to 4,000 PSI
• Reduce Chemical Usage Up To 80%
• 1 Step Clean, Degrease, Phosphatize
• Closed Loop Recycling
• Environmental Compliance
• Easy To Use And Maintain
• Low Chemical Phosphate Usage
• On Demand Heat
• 20 Gallon Per Minute Recycling Rate
• Customized System Layout And Floor Plan
• Online Maintenance Videos And Information
• Many More Features

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