KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc. (KIN-TEK) specializes in creating precisely known trace concentration gas calibration standards and test-gas mixtures for use in a wide range of applications. Their core competency is permeation tube technology and the instrumentation required for creating the trace concentration gas standards.
KIN-TEK serves a broad range of industrial, institutional and governmental clients, providing specialized equipment and services to assure accurate chemical analysis.
Typical applications include:

  • Gas calibration standards for analyzer calibrations
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Vapor reagent dispensing
  • Corrosion rate testing
  • Filter system capacity testing
  • Airport security (Dopant Permeation Tubes)
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Petrochemical and Refinery
  • Quality Control

Products include:

  • Disposable Permeation Tubes
  • Refillable Permeation Tubes
  • Laboratory Gas Standards Generators
  • Industrial Gas Standards Generators
  • Field Portable Gas Standards Generators
  • Moisture Gas Standards Generators
  • Complex Gas Mixture Generators
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