For the past 35 years Micro Pneumatic Logic (MPL) has earned a global reputation for product innovation and service excellence which began with the production of a sensitive miniature pressure switch used to improve the reliability of mainframe computers.

MPL’s innovative solutions in switches and sensors improve the safety and quality of life for millions of people everyday. MPL is proud of the demonstrated ability to answer your exacting service and quality standards with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

In order to provide a rapid response, MPL operates:

  • Lean vertically integrated manufacturing systems
  • An in-house UL certified laboratory
  • Systematic use of quality tools from design to production
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities
  • Semi-automated assembly
  • Custom calibration equipment

To learn more visit MPL at www.pressureswitch.com

MPL is a division of Micro Group, Inc.

Micro Group, Inc is a well established, yet rapidly growing manufacturing group with locations in New York, Florida and San Jose, Costa Rica and is comprised of four divisions:
Micro Pneumatic Logic, Inc (MPL), Micro Contacts (MCI),
Micro Technologies Tooling Group (MTS), Micro Technologies (MTI).

Micro Contacts, Inc (MCI) – MCI is a provider of custom-engineered components and stamped parts for some of the world’s most demanding electromechanical applications

Micro Technologies, Tooling Group (MTS) – MTS develops advanced means of production, including stamping dies, molds, assembly systems and various fixtures and components to customers worldwide. Led by an executive team of industry veterans, experienced engineers and highly-skilled tool makers MTS is uniquely positions to provide fast, stable solutions for your next tooling project.

Micro Technologies (MTI) - located in San Jose, Costa Rica, provides a globally competitive manufacturing base through its unique combination of low cost/high value resources and state-of-the-art semi-automated assembly of complex components. MTI provides turnkey solutions and value added services from prototype to full production that exceed customers’ expectations.

MPL (Micro Pneumatic Logic)
MPL (Micro Pneumatic Logic)
MPL (Micro Pneumatic Logic)

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