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Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) designs and develops the world’s most advanced tactile pressure measurement systems. Over 13 years of comprehensive development, a reputation for innovation, and a growing number of success stories have attracted customers and partners from all types of industries. Each customer has its own complex set of needs and specifications, and PPS has the proven expertise and ingenuity to deliver the sensing solutions they need. Today, PSS is the leading producer of tactile pressure sensor systems in the fields of Medical Devices, Automotive Contact Pressure Testing, Ergonomics, and Robotics.

Since its beginning, PPS sensors have been used to improve precision sensing in the field of Medical Devices. Two of the biggest success stories include the SureTouch Enhanced Clinical Breast Exam, produced by Medical Tactile, Inc. (MTI)and the Manoscan family of products, by Sierra Scientific Instruments (SSI). The SureTouch uses tactile sensors for early detection of breast cancer without any radiation, discomfort, discrimination of age or size, and at a fraction of the cost of other imaging systems. SSI’s Manoscan 360 is the industry leader in high-resolution motility (swallowing pressure) instrumentation for diagnosing gastrointestinal disorders.

Breakthroughs in Automotive Testing have been created by providing Dynamic Brake Pad Measurements and Dynamic Tire Tread Measurement to manufacturers. Previously, brake pad pressures could only be measured while parts were static and at low temperatures. PPS developed rugged industrial grade systems that can read data up to temperatures and pressures of 200°C and 2000 psi. This is the first-ever instrumentation system capable of taking measurements during dynamic high speed operations and at such high temperatures.

In Ergonomics, PPS offers the FingerTPS System for the human hands. The sensors are soft, flexible units worn on any grasping surface of the hands to capture, transmit and analyze data on a PC. The system has been used by professional athletes to measure and improve grip and hand action performance.  Product designers have used the system to fine tune surface area designs and to enhance the way hands and fingers interact with them. FingerTPS has also been used as a tool to help train surgeons on the amount of pressure they need to exert when cutting or moving parts of the body during surgical procedures.

One of the most fascinating frontiers in technology is the field of Robotics. PPS’ RoboTouch Solutions have given some of the most advanced robots the human sense of touch. Waseda University’s Twendy-One and Willow Garage’s PR2 are both robots designed to assist people in home and office settings. PPS embedded tactile sensors in their hands/grippers so they would feel when to grip tightly around an object or to use a light touch, so as not to crush or damage things which are fragile. For Barrett Technology’s BarrettHand, sensors on it’s gripper surfaces perform the same functions but it’s benefit are geared toward industrial settings or tasks which are hazardous to humans, such as handling of bombs or dangerous chemical substances.

To find out more about PPS, go to the website at www.pressureprofile.com or send an email to info@pressureprofile.com

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