Yellow Jacket orbital lock-down stretch wrap technology for secure, safe and superior pack-to-ship performance is available from GaleWrap. Yellow Jacket is the complete source of orbital packaging solutions including innovative equipment, quality stretch-film and superior service. By manufacturing the equipment and the stretch-film, Yellow Jacket is able to best optimize the equipment and stretch-film performance when these products are used together as a system.


Yellow Jacket orbital stretch-wrap technology locks standard, odd-shaped, long and other load types securely to the pallet, right on the forks of the forklift. This method protects loads against damage, dust and wind. In addition, Yellow Jacket equipment also unitizes and bundles products for load stabilization and superior protection.


Orbital stretch-wrapping eliminates hand wrapping, banding, strapping and decreases employee injuries and the manpower needed to secure loads for shipping. Various machine diameters are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic models.

In 2007 moved to GaleWrap in Douglasville, GA, though the Yellow Jacket brand name, equipment and sales/marketing focus remained the same.


The Yellow Jacket offering expanded with a Stinger-Series. The Stinger-Series Orbital Stretch-Wrapper wraps a variety of products for metal extrusion, lumber, tubing, door, window, textile and other applications. Standard rings sizes are available from 12” to 124”. The Stinger-Series Industrial Coil Wrapper serves metal coils, wire coils and other coil applications with complete surface protection. This coil wrapper also offers Eye to the Sky and Eye Horizontal configurations. Both Stinger models feature manual, semi-automatic and automatic options on most rings sizes.

Yellow Jacket Stinger
The Yellow Jacket 110
The Yellow Jacket 110


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