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Chilisin 0402-27NJ Chip Inductor

Featured Product from Acme Chip Technology Co., Limited

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Chilisin Electronics Singapore presents the 0402-27NJ chip inductor, a high-performance component designed for various applications. With an inductance range of 0.0270 microH, low DCR of 0.3000 ohms, and a rated DC current of 400 milliamps, this inductor offers efficient power handling in a compact 0402 package.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Design: Chilisin's expertise ensures precision and reliability in the 0402-27NJ, providing engineers with an optimized solution for space-constrained designs.

  2. Enhanced Performance: The inductor boasts a Q factor of 24 and a self-resonant frequency (SRF) of 2.48 MHz, guaranteeing superior signal integrity and minimized energy loss.

  3. Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of integrated circuits, the 0402-27NJ is an ideal choice for engineers seeking high-quality inductors in their designs.


  • Miniaturized Electronics: Perfect for compact devices where space is at a premium.

  • High-Frequency Circuits: The 2.48 MHz SRF ensures optimal performance in high-frequency applications.

  • Power Efficiency: With a low DCR and high Q factor, this inductor enhances power efficiency in various electronic systems.

Engineers, optimize your designs with Chilisin's 0402-27NJ chip inductor – the compact solution for superior performance in integrated circuits.