30 Watt High Voltage DC/DC Converter

Featured Product from American Power Design, Inc.

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The X30 Series of DC/DC converters accepts ultra wide input ranges of 9-36 Vdc, 20-60 Vdc, & 36-72 Vdc. Outputs are independently isolated. In the case of duals, up to 24 Watts may be taken from either output. All models will tolerate a short circuit indefinitely. Also included is a Pi input filter and remote on/off.


* Customer Selects Output Voltages

* Wide Input Ranges

( 9-36 Vdc , 20-60 Vdc, 36-72Vdc)

* Efficiency 85% (typ.)

* Independently Isolated Outputs

* Remote On/Off Control

* 0.2% Line Regulation

* 0.3% Load Regulation