How to Avoid Polymeric Coating Failure

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How to Avoid Polymeric Coating Failure Which Leads to Corrosion in Materials

We know that plastics are in nearly everything these days, but we don’t often think about how plastics are also on nearly everything. Polymer coatings are as common as the latex paint covering the walls of your house. For industrial use, polymeric coatings have been protecting and beautifying products for the last half century or so. Paint was typically lead or oil-based before that.

These days, if you see a painted product, it is likely a polymer-based coating providing a striking and powerful barrier between the underlying material and elements in the atmosphere that want to corrode that material. Polymer coating technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade. Coatings are more economical, durable, provide better corrosion resistance and, on top of all that, are less damaging to the environment.

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