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How does the pivot work?
There is an outer sleeve and an inner core.  The sleeves give the bearing a round exterior that can be mounted easily in a round hole. Since the sleeves do not affect the performance of
the internal springs, it’s possible to have many different sleeve combinations of the same bearing such as cantilever or double ended. This allows for a wide range of mounting options that all have
the same performance characteristics. Conversely, It’s possible to have the same sleeves with a wide variety of spring sizes inside to provide the desired performance characteristics.

The inner core.  The core is the central element containing the springs which allow the bearing to rotate.   Click here for more information….

What size should I select?
C-Flex Bearing Company offers two types of pivot bearings in 10 sizes with 3 spring series for each size resulting in 60 different standard parts in addition to a large number of custom pivot
bearings. Due to the fact that some of these bearings have overlapping properties it can be a confusing process to select the right pivot bearing.   Click here for more information….

How are they installed?
Clamp Screws:   Take care to not over-tighten the clamp and crush the sleeve.
Epoxy:  If possible, inject the epoxy around the outside of the bearing after it has been positioned in the mounting hole. Make sure that no epoxy gets into the core or between the core and the
sleeves of the bearing.
Shrink Fit:   Cool the bearing to -100 °F using liquid nitrogen and heat the mounting hole. Quickly locate the bearing in mounting hole and hold in position until temperatures equalize and bearing is 
secured. Shrink fit is typically permanent and cannot be undone without damaging bearing.   Click here for more information….

I don’t see the required specifications for my application?
C-Flex Bearing Company can provide a vast array of custom alterations to the standard pivot bearings. If you have an application where a standard pivot bearing will not suffice then see if
one of the alterations we offer below will suit your needs. If you have a requirement that can’t be met with the options listed here feel free to contact C-Flex and we can work with you to create a custom product just for your application.  Click here for more information….

C-Flex couplings 
Designed to couple two rotating shafts together, C-Flex couplings can accommodate large misalignments while transmitting high torque loads with zero backlash. Their construction provides for a low moment of inertia and minimal impact upon system dynamics. A large through hole allows for smaller coupling utilization for fitting larger shafts and the fact that they can be disassembled prior to installation, makes them ideal for retrofit applications.

Constructed using high strength hardened stainless steel or glass impregnated polyamide flexures, the couplings require no maintenance, providing years of trouble-free life, even in contaminated environments. Directionally independent, they can provide the same torsional rigidity and offset capability regardless of the rotation direction.

The use of C-Flex couplings in mechanical systems to connect rotating shafts will result in lower energy usage and bearing failure, since less stress is placed upon bearings. Misalignment forces on the bearings of a rotating system generates heat which is wasted energy. The use of C-Flex couplings will minimize these misalignment forces and result in a more energy efficient system.

C-Flex couplings will provide superior technology at the lowest cost. Selection of the correct coupling for your application should result in exceptional long life, even in the most arduous environment.

C-Flex couplings are normally provided with two set screws aligned at 90 degrees to each other for clamping to the shaft, however, they may be provided with C-Flex patent pending progressive clamp bushings, which will allow for secure mark free clamping of the coupling to a shaft. A collet style shaft locking design is presently under development for the lattice servo coupling and will be available soon.

Custom designs for greater torque capability, higher offsets, or special locating features can be provided upon request.

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Watch our NEW video! A short intro to our flexible couplings

C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. is a privately owned small business located in upstate New York. We have been incorporated since 1993. Under the current administration, we have been in business since 1988 however under different names. We began manufacturing turbine components for the gas turbine industry. In 1992, we generalized into basic machine shop work. In 1997, the three companies were merged into C-Flex Bearing Co., Inc. with the focus on our one product line, the frictionless bearing or pivot.

Information on pivot sizes and performance properties can be found HERE: