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Wherever there is a need to lift, position, align and hold a load, Screw Jacks can be found. Accordingly, they are common throughout many industrial processes. Their high reliability and synchronization make screw jacks suitable for a wide variety of uses especially those found in manufacturing.

There are two types of screw jack systems:

Screw Jack Lifting Systems

  • Screw Jack Lifting Systems are best in applications where you’re lifting a load, but accuracy is not as critical as during the positioning, such as moving boxes from a floor to a mezzanine.
  • Other applications for Screw Jack Lifting Systems include machine adjustment, conveyors, and ergonomic platforms.

Screw Jack Positioning System

  • Screw Jack Positioning Systems are best in applications that require accuracy and precision. These systems are capable of push, pull, tilt, or rolling movements. Screw Jack Positioning Systems are used for positioning satellite dishes that require exact positioning on a target to pick up a signal and other applications that require a high level of precision movement.
  • Screw Jack Positioning Systems are also used in metal manufacturing to keep a steel roll straight and balanced during the production process.

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