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New Industrial Series 60 kW DC Power Supplies

Featured Product from EA Elektro-Automatik Inc.

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Conventional, Bidirectional and Regenerative
Powerful Performance
  • 6U Power with 60 kW including 21 models
  • 4U Power with 30 kW including 29 models
  • Large selection of 48 models for special applications
Powerful Rack Performance
  • A 19“ rack with 42U for a system with 300 kW
  • One unit with up to 13 racks with 64 units of 60 kW each
  • For high power applications up to 3.84 MW
Powerful Efficiency
  • Fewer units for a high power system
  • Less rack space required
  • Less operating costs


The single units with new 6U power:

  • Programmable power units
    EA-PU 10000 4U/6U
  • Programmable bidirectional power units
    EA-PUB 10000 4U/6U
  • Regenerative electronic power unit loads
    EA-PUL 10000 4U/6U


The rack power with up to 300 kW:

  • Operation of one 19″ rack with 42U for a system with 300 kW on only 0.6 m2 floor space
  • Operation of up to 13 racks with a maximum of 64 units of 60kW each as one unit
  • For high power applications up to 3.84 MW
  • Parallel operation of 10000 Series units of all power ratings
  • Configure high-performance systems with fewer devices
  • Saving critical rack space
  • More power in a small footprint


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