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HYDEX 4101 UD blue has been specifically designed for the demanding environment of the food processing industry. For several years, the industry has been moving towards materials used in equipment design that are detectable in some way; either visually, by metal or x-ray detection, in order to improve food safety, and reduce the possibility of product contamination. HYDEX 4101 UD blue, a memeber of Ensinger's Ultra-detectable product family, offers visibility for all three detection types with one material.
This multi-detectable plastic product’s specially formulated fillers are detectable to both x-ray and metal detection systems, and its blue coloration is visible to optical inspection systems. In addition, as part of the polyester family, HYDEX 4101 UD blue exhibits the very good physical properties typical of the family, as well as excellent resistance to chlorine and caustic cleaning solutions.  It is a food grade plastic material that can meet most agency requirements for food contact compliance.