Service Detail from Fluorocarbon Limited


PTFE is well known for being a non-stick material; therefore to enable bonding to other substrates, surface modification in the form of chemical etching is required.

Using the Fluoroetch® process we offer a full in-house service of chemical etching and bonding of fluoropolymers including PTFE, PFA, ECTFE, PCTFE, FEP and TFM.

Our Fluoroetch® Sodium / ammonia process is the most effective etching medium available. The solution is freshly mixed for each specific batch to ensure the highest quality and all etching is carried out to Roll Royce RPS 407 Standard.


  • Up to 1.2m width on one or both sides
  • Bulk etching of free issue sheet and tape material
  • Shapes can be selectively etched to allow bonded fabrications
  • Etched sheet can be factory bonded for the manufacture of Fluoroglide® expansion bearings, slide bearings and skidways
  • Etching of free-issue materials in sheet form or finished component