Low Pressure Molding

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Low Pressure Molding
Protect electronics in three simple steps with sustainable, cost-effective TECHNOMELT® materials.
TECHNOMELT® low pressure molding solutions offer streamlined processing and excellent protection for modern electronic components, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and lighting applications. The simplicity of these products is their advantage: the entire TECHNOMELT® operation takes place at low pressure, cycle time is short and fine or fragile circuitry is not damaged. Learn why TECHNOMELT® is increasingly being chosen as an alternative to potting and encapsulating processes.

TECHNOMELT® materials deliver exceptional electrical insulation, as well as temperature, vibration and solvent resistance for many applications. The broad product range protects electronics from the harshest environmental conditions, including high humidity, long-term UV exposure and extreme thermal cycling.

Low Pressure Molding Technology
Low pressure molding is a faster and more efficient process than conventional potting. TECHNOMELT® is a one-part material that requires no mixing or curing; reduces material consumption through streamlined, multi-level, contour-exact encapsulation; and offers a sustainable solution through its unique re-usable formulation and green chemistry. Integrating TECHNOMELT® as an alternative to potting also reduces part numbers by eliminating the need for a housing or additional parts to achieve strain relief.

Henkel Adhesives Solutions for Electronics

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