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Developed for Accuracy and Speed


Whether manual or automated our production lines are developed for accuracy and speed in assembly. This focus produces high quality assemblies in a decreased time to market.

Keytronic capabilities include electro-mechanical, electrical, mechanical and box-build assembly. Our highly skilled and trained employees participate in certification programs assuring error-free assembly processes. Engineering and management teams are continually improving quality processes to maintain the highest levels of performance.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Products Containing: PCBAs, Shafts, Bearings, Motors, Gear trains, Drive belts, Position sensors, Stepper motors, Servo motors, Cutting mechanisms, Heat sources, Fluid handling mechanisms
Electrical Assembly
Products with main electrical design and manufacturing experience, SMT, Thru-Hole
Mechanical Assembly
Injection molded plastic parts, Blow molded plastic parts, Compression molded parts, Precision metal stamping, fabrication and finishing, Die Casts, Stamped and forged, Extruded plastics and metals, Heat staking, Ultra sonic welding
Box Build
High end PCBA/enclosure assembly, including firmware loading and full functional test, RF capabilities, Potting, Conformal coat