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Watch>>Pyroid® HT pyrolytic graphite thermal spreaders
See Pyroid HT Heat Spreading Ability In Action - Compare it to Aluminum and Copper

Watch>>A Thermal Management Solution for State-of-the-Art Electronics
Key Take-Aways
-Discover a thermal management material solution that provides "diamond like" thermal conduction without the "diamond" price
-Understand why Pyroid® HT material solutions are ideal for high-volume production and provide economic value at the device assembly level
-Learn how to optimize heat sinks and spreaders with the Pyroid® HT software modeling tool

Watch>>Thermal Management Benefits of Minteq Pyroid HT Infrared Video
With heat issues starting to limit power device performance and growth, we have developed a derivative of our material branded as Pyroid® HT Pyrolytic Graphite material that offers heat spreaders and sink thermal conductivity up to 4 times (1700 W/m°K) that of copper at only a quarter of the weight. This "diamond like" conduction without the "diamond" price tag makes our material ideal for pulling heat out normal to a heat producing device as well as spreading it away. This dual action eliminates the need for special "hot spot" thermal vias.

Pyroid® HT pyrolytic graphite thermal spreaders and thermal vias are a powerful new material solution in the battle against thermal heat in state-of-the-art electronic circuits and devices.

Increase speed, efficiency of electronic components by keeping them cooler
Pyroid® HT is an engineered carbon product that has in-plane thermal conductivity of 1700 W/m·K which is 4 times greater than the value for copper. In addition to superior heat transfer performance, the density of Pyroid® HT is 75% less than that of copper, allowing for light-weight and high-performance thermal management solutions.

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