Advantages of Edge-Welded Bellows

Featured Product from MS Bellows

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Advanced engineering and design capabilities allow MS Bellows to manufacture edge welded bellows for a variety of critical reliability applications.       


  • Long Stroking Capability Per Unit Length of Bellows 
  • Short Compressed Length 
  • Long Fatigue Life Under Rigorous Operating Conditions 
  • High Volumetric Displacement Efficiencies for Tight Space Package Envelopes 
  • Excellent Operating Capacities in High Pressure and High Temperature Environments 
  • All-Welded Construction 
  • Excellent In-Service Corrosion Resistance 
  • Leak Tight to Helium Mass Spectrometer Requirements 
  • Large Sizes Available 
  • Materials and diaphragm profiles are available for a wide variety of applications