Single-Wire, Two-Pin Serial EEPROM

Featured Product from Microchip Technology, Inc.

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Making mechanical snap-in attachments smart is now easy with Microchip’s new single-wire, two-pin serial EEPROM. Need to know if that replacement part is yours, its operating specs, how long it has been in use or when you built it? No problem. Microchip’s new single-wire EEPROM offers a serial number, user programmable tracking numbers that can be permanently locked and standard use serial EEPROM with one million writes for your in-field configuration and user updates—all possible over a 2-point mechanical connection.

Key Features

• 1 Kbit (128 x 8-bit) standard EEPROM space

• 64-bit factory-programmed unique serial number

• 128 extra bits (16 Bytes) of user-writeable space that can be locked at any time

• Over one million cycle write endurance

• 100-year data retention