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Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. manufactures a complete line of materials for the fabrication of Removable/Reusable industrial insulation systems, which improves workplace safety, maximizes operational efficiency, and regulates the temperature of mechanical equipment. Our ARMATEX®, SILTEX®, HYTEX®, and CERMEX® products can be specifically combined to address the hot side, cold side, and insulation requirements of your mechanical component systems.

ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics
Used for hot or cold side components, ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics resist external elements like moisture, oil, and chemicals, prevent pipe sweating, and keep external heat from affecting chilled equipment.  Manufactured in a variety of colors for color-coding, matching your environment, or indicating safety hazards, ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics are flexible for ease of sewing and offer protection in extreme environments.

  • ARMATEX® SF 17 Ultra Premium, Premium & Industrial
  • ARMATEX® SF 32 & SF 34
  • ARMATEX® SilverStar 10 &  SilverStar 13
  • ARMATEX® TF 14, TF 17 & TF 18
  • ARMATEX® Firestar


HYTEX® 1000-2025 Fabrics
Mid-Mountain offers three styles of HYTEX® 1000-2025 Fiberglass that provide continuous, high-temperature protection up to 1000° • 538°C, and slows the transfer of heat from hot side components.

  • HYTEX® 2025 Premium HT – heat-treated to reduce fraying and improve dimensional stability.
  • HYTEX® 2025 Aluminized – provides an additional barrier to heat and vapors.
  • HYTEX® 2025 Weavelock – treated with a coating to reduce fraying, increase abrasion resistance, and allow for ease of fabrication.


SILTEX® Silica Fabric
The unique properties of SILTEX® Silica Fabrics make them well suited for use in engineered thermal systems. With a continuous operating temperature of 1800°F • 982°C, they are an excellent choice for hot side protection. The high strength and flexibility create a removable insulation system with durability when exposed to high-temperature.

  • SILTEX® 18-UH
  • SILTEX® 36-UH


CERMEX® Needled Blankets and Mats
Comprised of high purity, highly resilient fibers, CERMEX® Needled Blankets and Mats are very efficient as thermal insulation between hot side or cold side layers and remain mechanically stable after exposure to extreme temperatures.

  • CERMEX® MT1000 Fiberglass Needled Mat
  • CERMEX® BK1800 Silica Needled Blanket



  • Removable insulation pads/blankets
  • Pipe insulation covers
  • Valve jackets
  • Trap insulation
  • Turbine blankets and reactor blankets
  • Tank insulation blankets



  • Improved operational efficiency – easily accessible and serviceable, allowing for ease of maintenance/inspection and quick reinstallation.
  • Personnel Protection – reduces the touch temperature of components, and reduces the ambient air temperature, providing a more comfortable work environment.
  • Sound Attenuation – reduces the decibel exposure to personnel to comply with OSHA safety regulations.
  • Energy Conservation – immediate reduction of energy usage following installation, assisting facility managers with their energy performance goals.


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Mid-Mountain Materials
Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc is an insulation manufacturer providing heat resistant fabrics and thermal insulation that provide environmental protection, emissions control, and energy conservation.
We use a wide range of different materials for our heat-resistant fabrics to ensure we can provide a cost-effective solution for many different applications, including aerospace, robotics, and welding. 
Our products can provide thermal insulation at temperatures of up to 5000oF, and can also provide protection against chemicals, molten splash, and abrasion.