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Earth-Rite II MGV

Featured Product from Newson Gale

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The Earth-Rite II MGV is designed to ground a mobile tank truck during loading and unloading operations in order to dissipate any static electricity which could accumulate on a tank truck.

Normally, tank trucks (road tankers) load/unload at a fixed point in a factory. However, vacuum trucks can work anywhere from main roads/highways to refineries/chemical plants and require a different grounding solution.

Continuity between all metal parts on the vacuum truck is essential. Every metal item must be bonded to the chassis and tank with caution towards paint, coatings and hose trays.

The most crucial aspect of safety concerning vacuum trucks is the education of the operator that on arrival at site they attach the grounding clamp first and get a GREEN flashing LED that clearly shows that the truck is grounded before any other operations are started e.g. attaching hoses.

The second most crucial part is to remove the clamp after all other operations have been completed and equipment packed away – clamp on first and clamp off last.

High Intensity Flashing Green LEDs

  • The grounding system will provide a visual indication of a GOOD or BAD ground connection

True Earth Ground Verification

  • The grounding system will provide true earth verification e.g. is the system connected to an earth that is capable of dissipating static electricity

Continuously Monitors Connection

  • The grounding system is a monitored circuit and will automatically shut down the product transfer if the ground connection is lost. However, the product itself would need to stop moving in order to prevent any further charge generation