Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

Service Detail from Osborne Industries, Inc.

Osborne Delivers A New Dimension to RIM Molding

Normally RIM cannot compete economically with other processes for intermediate volumes of 500 to 50,000 parts per year because of high tooling and operating costs. But they have successfully developed low-cost composite tooling and production methods that enable Osborne to be highly competitive - even at very low production volumes.

Durable, Low-Cost Composite RIM Molds Offer Production Flexibility

  • Market test your new concepts inexpensively
  • Keep investment tied to market success
  • Increase to full production as sales grow
  • Profit from low- and medium-volume
  • RIM production and from long mold service life
  • Then convert to high-speed metal tooling for high-volume production when your market dictates

Osborne Handles Larger Parts and Tougher Specifications

  • Large, heavy, high-performance parts from 2 lbs to 1000 lbs and more are routine for Osborne
  • Platen size and tonnage of our presses can handle your largest parts
  • Precise control of reaction chemistry, cure times, additives, and reinforcements means they can meet or exceed your toughest product requirements
  • They design RIM polymer formulations for everything from tough elastomers to rigid structural foams

Quality is Always Assured

  • SPC methods control all phases of production to ensure defect-free deliveries
  • All incoming RIM material must meet exacting quality tests
  • All parts are fully post-cured under controlled conditions for optimum physical properties
  • Quality assurance laboratory provides NIST-traceable measurements for accurate SPC control