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Thermal Controls How to guide

Featured Product from Portage Electric Products, Inc.

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At Portage Electric Products, Inc.(Pepi ®), we have been making bimetallic thermal control devices to make and break electrical circuits for over a half century.  Although the technology behind bimetallic thermal controls has remained essentially the same during this time, the manufacturing technology we use to make these devices has taken quantum leaps forward.

 One other constant that has not changed and never will, is the inherent characteristics of bimetallic thermal controls that makes them exceptionally versatile, functional, and reliable in a wide variety of applications.  In many applications they are the perfect solution, and in other applications there are better choices.

Our purpose in this How-To Guide to Thermal Controls is twofold: (1) We want to help you understand the type of applications where bimetallic devices work best. (2) If you are involved in one of these applications, we want to help you do it better.

Download the PDF here.