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Worms and Worm Wheels for Indexing and Driving

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Over 28,000 Stock Metric Gears

QTC METRIC GEARS offers a comprehensive selection of metric gearing designed for industrial automation applications. Stock spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, internal gears, gear racks, miter gears, screw gears, worm gear pairs, gearboxes, and other related products are available. Go to www.qtcgears.com for product specifications, download CAD models, and buy online.

Request a quote online for modification of a standard component and customized gear solutions.

Metric Gear Products

Worms & Worm Wheels – Does your application require a large speed reduction with high torque in a compact space? A simple solution is a worm gear drive. QTC Metric Gears stock worms and worm wheels are made in a variety of materials and styles and available in modules 0.5 to 6 and in speed ratios of 1/10 to 1/120. For precision applications that require very low backlash we offer stock duplex worms and worm wheels.

Screw Gears are available in modules 1 thru 4, numbers of teeth from 10 to 30, and four materials, S45C, SUS303, CAC702, and MC nylon. Screw gears are designed for offset shafts and come in right-or-left-hand helix, be sure to specify when ordering.

Spur Gears – Ground, Hardened, Plastic, Plastic with Steel Core, Ring Gears

Gear Racks and CP Racks and Pinions – Hardened Ground, Laser Hardened, Thermal Refined, Steel, Plastic, Round, Molded Flexible, Helical

Miter Gears – Ground Spiral, Ground Zerol, Angular, Stainless Steel, Plastic

Bevel Gears – High-Ratio Hypoid, Ground Spiral, Ground Zerol, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Molded

Online Technical Resource – Get the right gear for your application. Go to our technical section to get a better understanding of gear design and the different gear configurations available. Select from the 17 categories offered to learn more about a specific gear type, elements of metric gear technology, design of plastic gears, gear noise, and much more. Technical information.

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About QTC METRIC GEARS a Designatronics Inc. brand

QTC METRIC GEARS was established in 1993 in response to the combination of an ever-increasing need for metric gears and a strong growth in demand for power transmission products. Offering the industry’s most comprehensive selection of stock metric gears, QTC METRIC Gears supplies North America with high-quality, off-the-shelf components and customized gear solutions for thousands of applications.


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