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Forged Heat Sinks

Featured Product from Rego Electronics Inc.

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Forging is a manufacturing process involving metal shaping by localized compressive forces. Rego's Precision Forge Technology is capable to produce both aluminum and copper heat sinks. These sinks are processed with high pressure, below temperatures of 300°C. Under this circumstance, forged material intensifies the hardness and density to ensure a better thermal performance. The forging technique allows us to create more fins, more convective area and increases extremely high aspect ratio.

Rego offers standard products sizes ranging from 7mm x 7mm to 117mm x 61mm are listed below. Customization is available. Please contact us directly!

Features & Benefits-
-Fins and base are one piece construction, an integral forming piece
-High aspect ratio up to 1: 100, increases the surface heat dissipation area
-Aluminum alloy, pure aluminum, copper and copper based with aluminum fin are doable materials
-To ensure no taper fins, to improve airflow smooth through
-High material density, increases thermal conductivity
-A wide range of geometric patterns - Line fins, Pin fins, Elliptical fins are available