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The TNA Hyper-Detect 5

Featured Product from TNA Solutions Pty. Ltd.

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Protect your brand’s reputation with the tna hyper-detect 5. This high-performance food metal detector system is uniquely designed to sit as close as possible to the multi-head weigher, significantly increasing bagging speed without compromising food safety. The tna hyper-detect 5 is ultra-sensitive, detecting ferrous contaminants from 0.8mm to 0.9mm, non-ferrous pieces down to 1.0mm, and non-magnetic stainless steel from 1.0mm to 1.2mm.

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  • Protect your brand with consistent in-flight detection of all metal contaminants, even at high speeds of up to 250 bpm.
  • Boost efficiency, accuracy and reliability via the system’s patented conical aperture design that significantly improves detection capabilities while reducing stack height.
  • Achieve faster ROI by reducing waste through in-line validations and test routines.
  • Lower your TCO thanks to user replaceable modules, fault monitoring and alarms delivering high availability.
  • Maximise OEE with quick-validation tests and due-diligence fail-safes, supported by seamless integration with the tnarobag®
  • Enhance production line sustainability with a compact design that reduces stack height, allowing it to sit easily between the scales and tnarobag®packaging system.

standard features

  • Inspects product in-flight between weigher and bagger
  • Unrivalled detection sensitivity
  • Minimal installation space
  • Weigher and bagger integration
  • In-line validation and test routines
  • Optional profile touchscreen or signature membrane electronics features

optional features

  • High-performance system
  • Full up and down stream integration options