Incremental Mini-Encoders - Light Industrial

Featured Product from Gurley Precision Instruments

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The Models R119 and R120 optical incremental encoders are designed for light industrial applications that require high resolution in a very small package. The two models share these features:

  • -40C to +85C extended operating temperature available
  • Represent either shafted or blind-hollow shaft version
  • LED illumination for long life (>100,000 hours)
  • Differential photo-detectors for signal stability
  • Single-board, surface-mount electronics for reliability
  • RS-422 differential line driver output for noise immunity
  • Zero index signal
  • Monolithic integrated ASIC for internally interpolated resolutions up to 16,384 cycles/rev (65,536 counts/rev)

R119: f19-mm body; ribbon cable

R120: f20-mm body; round cable with shielded twisted pairs